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Exclusive Partnership

If you want exclusive rights to HyperWebs in your service area (city, town etc.) THIS IS IT!

If you choose to partner with HyperWebs for your business, we will not take on another client in your market to compete for customers against you.
Why this is important
Unlike big digital marketing houses, we do not pit our customers against each other.  Think about it... if you are a custom home builder in Toronto, and your website and online marketing is managed by a company that has two or more home builders as clients, how can they ethically promote YOUR business over others?

If you are a HyperWebs Partner we will not represent another competing business in your geography.

  • One home builder in Toronto.
  • One painting contractor in Hamilton.
  • One electrical contractor in Kingston.

The HyperWebs Exclusive Partnership is a very unique service that allows a business to contract HyperWebs EXCLUSIVELY in their marketplace.

If you choose the HyperWebs Exclusive Partnership we will not represent any other company in your marketplace, meaning NONE of your competitors.  We will work for you exclusively.

For a fixed cost, we will:

  • Create, manage, support and update your HyperWebs website
  • Create and manage your SEO (search engine optimization) program, daily monitoring, video SEO, Google pixel and analytics.
  • Create, manage, support and update your business Facebook page.  (2 posts per week)  Here is a customer Facebook page that we manage.
  • Create and post awesome, exclusive video content.  (one video per week)
  • Post video to your website and upload to your Facebook page
  • Create exclusive Vimeo Showcase for your videos.  No annoying ads!  Here is an example of an actual customer video showcase.

The combination of HyperWebs blazing fast, mobile-first website with our Facebook and video services will allow you to stand out from your competition and BRING CUSTOMERS TO YOUR BUSINESS!


  • Use your domain name or we will provide one (ie: wwwyourbusiness.com)
  • Unlimited pages (usually 5-15 pages are plenty)
  • Built on HyperWebs mobile first architecture
  • Full Search Engine Optimization including on page and off page SEO
  • Totally customizable.  Use your logo, images, text, graphics
  • Contact form, map, video
  • Phone and email buttons

Other services we can add to your marketing campaign:

  • Instagram management
  • Twitter management
  • ANYTHING else digital!

Who Uses HyperWebs Exclusive Partnership?

  • Doctor
  • Law Firm
  • Dentist
  • Chiropractor
  • Electrical Contractor
  • Roofing Contractor
  • Building Contractor
  • HVAC Contractor
  • Plumbing Company
  • House Painting Company
  • Landscaping Company
  • Restaurant
  • Auto/Truck Repair

Yes I'm Interested in partnering with HyperWebs

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