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How are HyperWebs Websites Different?

HyperWebs Mobile First Websites

Are created from the ground up to meet or exceed Google's Mobile First Best Practices.

The mobile-first approach is exactly as it sounds: designing for the smallest mobile screen and working your way up to tablets, ipads, laptops and desktop computers. Our sites are built with an adaptive design. This basically means that our system has created a website and webpage layout designed for each type of mobile device, tablet and desktop system.

Our system adapts to the screen size of the visitor.
When a search is done, our system recognizes the device as a mobile phone, a tablet or desktop, and presents the perfect website or webpage for that specific device. 
In the past, and even today, virtually every system creates a website for the desktop first.  Then it 'resizes, or reduces' that page down to fit a mobile device, table or laptop.  This resizing slows down the delivery to your visitors, and depending on how slow the site is presented, you could potentially lose customers.

Lightning Fast Websites For Mobile and Desktop
HyperWebs offers you the world's most advanced and complete Mobile-First Website Builder & Marketing Platform. 
HyperWebs has cracked the code on how to build True Mobile-First Websites that you can customize. With just a few clicks of the mouse you determine what is seen, or not seen on Mobile and Desktop. Mob.Is.It builds the optimal way, for a Mobile-First World!

What World are you living in?
HyperWebs is years ahead of anything out there. No one is doing it like us and in the future, everyone will be. You see being just Responsive, like everyone else, is simply not good enough...

Beautiful Mobile and Desktop Websites
We will create astonishing mobile sites that your customers will love on their smartphones, tablets and desktop computers

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