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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Mobile First?
Google says mobile first sites will rank higher.  PERIOD!"Google prioritizes mobile page load speed as a key metric when determining your website's search ranking, which is significant since 94% of organic search traffic comes from Google."
Business News Daily

Google announced in 2016 that the World is now Mobile First....NOT Mobile Friendly which is what everyone is building today.

All HypwerWebs sites are Mobile First, then adapted other devices for seemless performance across ALL devices. The PC era is now second string because most searches are done on mobile devices (smartphones).

What is MobileGeddon?
“Mobilegeddon”, as panicking website developers have named it, is Google's new algorithm that takes mobile-friendliness into account when ranking search results. The bottom line... if your website isn’t friendly to mobile devices then it will fall in mobile search rankings.

Is HypeWebs secure?
Very as we are a closed source system virtually unhackable unlike open source sites like Word Press. Also we back up our platform multiple times a day 24/7. DDOS secure as well.

Can I use my own domain?
Yes, if you already have a domain name we can use it, OR, we can provide a domain name free of charge for the first year.  Annual cost for domain name in years 2+ is about $25 per year.

Is HyperWebs GDPR compliant?
We sure are.

Are HyperWebs sites SEO friendly?
Search Engine Opimization is built in to every page.

Why do I need to pay for a SSL certificate? What type of cert. is it: DV, OV, or EV ?
Google now wants all sites secured so we recommend having an SSL certificate. Ours are a Comodo Positive SSL Certificate. We install them for you at a cost so as to prevent errors and as a low cost service. SSL certs can be difficult to install.

Can I convert my current website to HypeWebs?
Yes we can take all the information from your current website and create a HypeWebs site using your text and images.

I currently have my own domain name and URL. When I purchase a mobile friendly website from HyperWebs, will the same domain name be used or will it show something different in the address bar?
Yes we configure your domain name to access your HyperWebs site.
**Note:  You must own the domain name and have access to your domain provider account, such as Godaddy

Is there a limit to the amount of traffic (or a bandwidth limitation) on sites hosted with HyperWebs?
No limits.

Does HyperWebs offer Desktop websites?
Yes. Awesome sites with full features.  If you can think it we can create it.

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