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HyperWebs blazing fast websites for business

HyperWebs was officially launched in January, 2020, after 2 years of planning and development AND over 20 years of real life experience creating and managing websites and social media for clients throughout Canada and USA.

Our goal is to provide a platform that will allow our clients throughout Canada and the USA to market their services and promote their businesses using the latest cutting edge technologies and platforms such as mobile first websites, social media and video
HyperWebs is a dynamic company made up of a small group of very talented people that are passionate about online marketing for clients.  We have experts in the field of graphic design, website development, social media management and video creation.

Our committment to our clients is to always be on the cutting edge of new processes and technologies in the fast paced world of online marketing.

Our Vision

HyperWebs was conceived of to answer a huge problem that many, if not all, business owners experience on a daily basis.. and that is this: 

A business owner, such as an electrical contractor or a painting contractor, must spend most of every day (and weekends for many) just to keep up with his or her core service.  For many, evenings are spent doing the necessary paperwork... quotes, invoices, payroll, etc.

We saw that there was just not enough time to do the one thing that every company needs... MARKETING!

If a company is not large enough to hire a person or persons to handle advertising, online marketing, business promotion etc., it is very hard to keep pace and in a lot of cases, that vital service just gets overlooked.

On top of that, for business owners who were forward thinking enough to launch a website, many saw their online presence was just not keeping up because those technologies were changing as fast (or faster) than changes in their core business.

There was no way to sort through all the new online technologies, video, social media... AND, again for the ones who adopted some of those platforms, many times their social media accounts lay dormant.  Their websites were just static "business cards" on the internet that nobody ever visited.  No business ever came from the internet.

We know there is real value for companies that promote their brand using online technologies and we decided to launch a service that will take over online marketing for small and medium service companies.

We specialize in digital marketing for small/medium businesses, such as electrical contractors, painting companies, roofing contractors, landscape companies, chiropractors... ANY type of small or medium business.

If your goal is to exude a very professional image online, AND to increase your business...  HyperWebs is for you.

Would you like to see what a BLAZING FAST HyperWebs website could look like for YOUR business?

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